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Statistical Data

Google entries for
Genf + Genevè + Genova 271.600.600
Google entries per inhabitant 1.411,7

City founding 2. Century ADJ

Inhabitants / city 192.385 (June 30, 2012)
Inhabitants / agglomeration 471.314
780.000 (spanning with France, 2007)
Percentage of foreigners / city 46,9 % (June 30, 2012)
Population density / city 12.099 inhabitant / km(2012)

Population age groups in %, 2010     
0-19 18.1
20-64 65.9
>64 16.0

Gender ratio (2011)
Men 91.926
Women 100.038
Gender ratio 1088 women | 1000 men

Population history 1990 171.042

Catholics 37.4
No membership 23.2

Languages in % (2000)
French 72.3
Italian 4.1
Romansh 0.1

Max. temperatures Ø 14,40
Min. temperatures Ø 6,40
Rainfall / year (mm) 104

Registered cars (canton) 218.270
Cars per 1000 inhabitants (canton) 477
Interaktiver Statistischer Atlas der Schweiz

GNP (2010) 43,6 billion CHF = ca. 43 billion USD
GNP per Capita (2011) 98,000 USD

Financial centre
Banks 136 Jobs 20.627
Independent trust managers  814 Jobs 2.023
Finance broker 3.037 Jobs 5.242
Insurances 1.260 Jobs 3.186
Lawyers / notaries 471 Jobs 2.077
Total 6.341 Jobs 35.484

Geneva is supposed to be the most important financial centre for private fund management.

Trade centre
Geneva trades
35% of the world-oil-trade
75% of the Russian oil exports
50% of the world coffee trade
50% of the world sugar trade
Geneva is world market leader in the trade in oil, sugar, coffee, cereal, rice and oilseeds.

Other industries
Exports watchmaking industry 5,9 billion CHF
Exports fragrances / flavouring 2,2 billion CHF

City of international organisations
Because of the approved neutrality of the Confederation, Switzerland is a favoured location for organisations. For 31,7 % of the population the working language is English. 


International organisations (IOs) 36
International non-government organisations (INGOs) 250
Permanent missions 171
Jobs provided by IOs, INGOs, permanent missions
and consulates 28.464

Monthly average salary (gross) 2010
All levels of education, all age groups 5.979 CHF
With academic degree 103349 CHF
Telecommunications industry 8.527 CHF
Banking sector 9.357 CHF

Only for 10.7% of the jobs the gross salary is less than 4,000 CH.

13.9.2012 "Today, in Geneva's Pâquis district, prostitutes have launched the first ever union for sex workers (STTS) in Switzerland. The founding meeting was attended by about 150 people.

Unions for sex workers have existed in various European countries, but none have existed in Switzerland until now, said Angelina, a practitioner of the world's oldest profession, in Pâquis. Angelina has been strongly committed to the formation of a union.
The STTS's primary goals are to prevent the cheap competition coming from foreign prostitutes and to fight rising rent costs. It also focuses its sight on the risky working conditions of the trade. Unionized prostitutes will be better equipped to fight for their concerns with one cohesive voice, thereby being better represented in the political and judiciary arenas.
The union, which is open to sex workers throughout western Switzerland, views itself as complimentary to the Aspasie union. Founded 30 years ago, Aspasie fights against the discrimination of sex workers. The union also cares for the health problems of prostitutes." (SDA)

August 12th, 2010: The taxi company Unique fears that the taxi driver strike at Zurich's Kloten airport could harm its image. Passengers are showing frustration at the delays on their way to the city and with the lack of information about the strike which shows no end in sight. Some of the passengers who arrived at Kloten on Wednesday could sympathize with the taxi drivers' demand of a minimum monthly wage of 4,000 francs as well as better overall  working conditions. But most people arriving express their annoyance at the inconveniences caused by the strike.  "This isn't what I expected. It reflects poorly on so-called Swiss efficiency," said Liz Brown, a businesswoman from London, speaking to swissinfo. "If I had known about this, I would have been able to plan something else and not be late to my meeting."

The airport operation company Unique has organized two buses to assist in the transportation of passengers to a square in Kloten, where they can transfer to taxis. However, normal airport taxi traffic has been blocked completely by the 100 drivers on strike. In a statement released by Unique, they say: "Despite the efforts of the company to bring together numerous unofficial taxi cabs from various locations, it is unable to maintain full service."

Poverty line in Switzerland
An income of less than 2200 Swiss franks per month for a single person; an income of less than 4600 Swiss franks for a couple with 2 children. Ca. 7.4% of the population is living below the poverty line.

Spending power
According to the International Wealth-management comparative Study (USB Wealth Management Research City Ranking, 2011) Geneva is the third most expensive city in the world – after Oslo and Zurich – with the worldwide second highest salaries – after Zurich.

Living costs
Working hours required for the purchase of:

1 Big Mac min. 17
1 kg bread min. 13
1 kg rice min. 10
1 iPod Nano hours 10,0
http://www.ubs.com/global//en/wealth-management_research/prices_earnings.html (edition 2009)

Prices (in Euro)
12 eggs 4,81,-
1 kg tomatoes 3,67,-
Bread for 2 persons (1 day) 2,24,-
0,5 l beer in a supermarket 1,47,-
1 l milk 1,51,-
Cleaning woman (1 hour) 21,-
Monthly rent for a 85 m2 flat
in an expensive neighbourhood 2768,-
1 l petrol 1,52,-
Monthly ticket for public transport 58,-
Cab drive (8 km) 34,-