Eine Einstellung zur Arbeit

Labour in a Single Shot

We are happy to welcome you here
to our web catalogue

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It is an exciting process to feed in all the contents – videos, texts, images: at the same time it is really hard work, since we are dealing here with huge piles of files and different formats.

In some cases we could not establish the authorship of a video. If you should a video whith an xx is indicated instead of the author’s / artist’s name please contact us to make corrections.

It was a great pleasure to work with you all. And we very much hope that you like this web catalogue.

Our best greetings to Bangalore, Berlin, Boston, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Hangzhou, Hanoi, Geneva, Johannesburg, Lisbon, Lodz, Mexiko City, Moskow, Rio de Janeiro and Tel Aviv.

Contact: Antje.Ehmann@freenet.de