Eine Einstellung zur Arbeit

Labour in a Single Shot


September 2021
Bucharest | Rumania
Workshop with participants from diverse backgrounds
at University for Theater and Film Ion Luca Caragiale
in Cooperation with The German Cultural Center Timisoara,
Art Encounters Biennale Timisoara and The Ephemair Association
Conducted by: Antje Ehmann und Luis Feduchi
Contact: Dr. Joachim Umlauf (Goethe Institut Buckarest)
Christian Ferencz-Flatz, Andreea Mihalcea (Ion Luca Caragiale)

October - November 2020 | Poland, Germany
Warsaw - Berlin

Workshop with participants from diverse backgrounds,
Conducted by: Antje Ehmann and Luis Feduchi
Contact: Renata Prokurat (Goethe Institut Warsaw)

September 2019
Chicago | USA
Workshop with students from four universities of Chicago,
at the School of the Art Institut of Chicago
Conducted by: Antje Ehmann und Eva Stotz
Contact: Trevor Martin, Daniel Eisenberg und Ellen Rothenberg

March 2018
Marseille | France
Workshop with artists and filmmakers from
Marseille, Lyon, Paris, Berlin and Frankfurt,
at La Friche La Belle de Mai.
Conducted by: Antje Ehmann and Eva Stotz
Contact: Tsveta Dobreva (Goethe Institut Marseille)

July 2017
Vilnius | Litauen
Workshop with video artists from Lithuania and
students from EHU (European Humanities University)
in cooperation with CAC (Contemporary Art Center) and
AMI (Audiovisual Arts Industry Incubator)
Conducted by: Eva Stotz
Contact: Rasa Kregždaitė (AMI)
Detlef Gericke (Goethe Institut Litauen)

April 2014
Johannesburg | South Africa
Workshop with students from University of Witwatersrand
Contact: Jyoti Mistry (University of Witwatersrand)
Francois Venter (Goethe-Institut Johannesburg)

March 2014
Hangzhou | China
Workshop with students of the Art Academy Hangzhou
Contact: Gao Shiming (Art Academy Hangzhou)
Peter Anders (Goethe-Institut Peking)

February 2014
Mexico City | Mexico
Workshop with students of UNAM in cooperation
with FICUNAM, International Film Festival and Cátedra
Bergman en cine y teatro
Contact: Reinhard Maiworm (Goethe-Institut Mexico)
Eva Sangiorgi (FICUNAM), Abril Alzaga (Cátedra Bergman)

October 2013
Boston | USA
Workshop in Cooperation mit MIT Documentary Lab and MIT Hyperstudio
Contakt: Detlef Gericke-Schönhagen (Goethe-Institut Boston)
Kurt Fendt (MIT)

August 2013
Hanoi | Vietnam
Workshop in cooperation with Doc Lab, Hanoi
Contact: Nguyeh Trinh Thi (Doc Lab)
Dr. Almuth Meyer-Zollitsch (Goethe-Institut Hanoi)

July 2013
Moscow | Russia
Workshop with students of the Alexander
Rodchenko School of Photography
Contact: Ekaterina Degot (Rodchenko School)
Wolf Ivo (Goethe-Institut Moscow)

May 2013
Lodz | Poland
Workshop with students of the Polish National Film,
Television and Theatre  School
Contact: Renata Prokurat (Goethe-Institut Warsaw)
Ania Kazimierczak (Film School)

March 2013
Buenos Aires | Argentina
Workshop at the Universidad del Cine
Contact: Inge Stache (Goethe-Institut Buenos Aires)

November 2012
Rio de Janeiro | Brazil
Workshop with students of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro,
Universidade Federal Fluminense and Escola de cinema Darcy Ribeiro
Contact: Alfons Hug, Arndt Roskens (Goethe-Institut Rio de Janeiro)
Fernanda Bruno, Tadeu Capistrano (University of Rio de Janeiro)

October 2012
Cairo | Egypt
Workshop in cooperation with Beirut, Contemporary
Image Collective (CIC) and Cimatheque
Contact: Sarah Rifky, Jens Meier-Rothe (Beirut)

July-December 2012
Berlin | Germany
Workshop with students of FilmArche –
selforganized film school Berlin
Contact: Susanne Dzeik (FilmArche)

March 2012
Tel Aviv | Israel
Hamidrasha, near Tel Aviv
Workshop with students of the Hamidrasha School of Art
Contact: Klaus Krischok (Goethe-Institut Tel Aviv)
Ben Hagari (Hamidrasha School of Art)

February 2012
Geneva | Switzerland
Workshop with students oft the Haute École d’Art et
de Design Genève / Geneva University of Art and Design
Contact: Frank Westermeyer (Haute Ecole d’Art)

January 2012
Bangalore | India
Workshop with students of the Visiting Faculty, Srishti College
for Visual Art & Design Technology, Bangalore
Contact: Dr. Vasanthi Dass (Shrishti College)
Christoph Bertrams (Goethe / Max Mueller Bangalore)

October 2011
Lisbon | Portugal
Workshop with students of the Independent Study Programme
Maumaus. Escola de Artes Visuais
Contact: Jürgen Bock (Maumaus)