Eine Einstellung zur Arbeit

Labour in a Single Shot


October - November 2020 | Poland, Germany
Warsaw - Berlin

Workshop with participants from diverse backgrounds,
Conducted by: Antje Ehmann and Luis Feduchi
Contact: Renata Prokurat (Goethe Institut Warsaw)

September 2019
Chicago | USA
Workshop with students from four universities of Chicago,
at the School of the Art Institut of Chicago
Conducted by: Antje Ehmann und Eva Stotz
Contact: Trevor Martin, Daniel Eisenberg und Ellen Rothenberg

March 2018
Marseille | France
Workshop with artists and filmmakers from
Marseille, Lyon, Paris, Berlin and Frankfurt,
at La Friche La Belle de Mai.
Conducted by: Antje Ehmann and Eva Stotz
Contact: Tsveta Dobreva (Goethe Institut Marseille)

July 2017
Vilnius | Litauen
Workshop with video artists from Lithuania and
students from EHU (European Humanities University)
in cooperation with CAC (Contemporary Art Center) and
AMI (Audiovisual Arts Industry Incubator)
Conducted by: Eva StotzContact: Rasa Kregždaitė (AMI)
Detlef Gericke (Goethe Institut Litauen)

April 2014
Johannesburg | South Africa
Workshop with students from University of Witwatersrand
Contact: Jyoti Mistry (University of Witwatersrand)
Francois Venter (Goethe-Institut Johannesburg)

March 2014
Hangzhou | China
Workshop with students of the Art Academy Hangzhou
Contact: Gao Shiming (Art Academy Hangzhou)
Peter Anders (Goethe-Institut Peking)

February 2014
Mexico City | Mexico
Workshop with students of UNAM in cooperation
with FICUNAM, International Film Festival and Cátedra
Bergman en cine y teatro
Contact: Reinhard Maiworm (Goethe-Institut Mexico)
Eva Sangiorgi (FICUNAM), Abril Alzaga (Cátedra Bergman)

October 2013
Boston | USA
Workshop in Cooperation mit MIT Documentary Lab and MIT Hyperstudio
Contakt: Detlef Gericke-Schönhagen (Goethe-Institut Boston)
Kurt Fendt (MIT)

August 2013
Hanoi | Vietnam
Workshop in cooperation with Doc Lab, Hanoi
Contact: Nguyeh Trinh Thi (Doc Lab)
Dr. Almuth Meyer-Zollitsch (Goethe-Institut Hanoi)

July 2013
Moscow | Russia
Workshop with students of the Alexander
Rodchenko School of Photography
Contact: Ekaterina Degot (Rodchenko School)
Wolf Ivo (Goethe-Institut Moscow)

May 2013
Lodz | Poland
Workshop with students of the Polish National Film,
Television and Theatre  School
Contact: Renata Prokurat (Goethe-Institut Warsaw)
Ania Kazimierczak (Film School)

March 2013
Buenos Aires | Argentina
Workshop at the Universidad del Cine
Contact: Inge Stache (Goethe-Institut Buenos Aires)

November 2012
Rio de Janeiro | Brazil
Workshop with students of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro,
Universidade Federal Fluminense and Escola de cinema Darcy Ribeiro
Contact: Alfons Hug, Arndt Roskens (Goethe-Institut Rio de Janeiro)
Fernanda Bruno, Tadeu Capistrano (University of Rio de Janeiro)

October 2012
Cairo | Egypt
Workshop in cooperation with Beirut, Contemporary
Image Collective (CIC) and Cimatheque
Contact: Sarah Rifky, Jens Meier-Rothe (Beirut)

July-December 2012
Berlin | Germany
Workshop with students of FilmArche –
selforganized film school Berlin
Contact: Susanne Dzeik (FilmArche)

March 2012
Tel Aviv | Israel
Hamidrasha, near Tel Aviv
Workshop with students of the Hamidrasha School of Art
Contact: Klaus Krischok (Goethe-Institut Tel Aviv)
Ben Hagari (Hamidrasha School of Art)

February 2012
Geneva | Switzerland
Workshop with students oft the Haute École d’Art et
de Design Genève / Geneva University of Art and Design
Contact: Frank Westermeyer (Haute Ecole d’Art)

January 2012
Bangalore | India
Workshop with students of the Visiting Faculty, Srishti College
for Visual Art & Design Technology, Bangalore
Contact: Dr. Vasanthi Dass (Shrishti College)
Christoph Bertrams (Goethe / Max Mueller Bangalore)

October 2011
Lisbon | Portugal
Workshop with students of the Independent Study Programme
Maumaus. Escola de Artes Visuais
Contact: Jürgen Bock (Maumaus)